Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Change - Perubahan

Setelah beberapa perubahan yang berlaku dalam blog ini, maka ini lah hasil akhir. Harap-harap sempena perubahan ini, dapat la posting ngn tenang. Terasa mcm ditekan butang restart. Antara perubahan yang telah dilakukan seperti yang dirancang dalam previous posting

  • Tajuk Blog dan url
  • Template
  • extra gajet

Tak tau nak tambah ape lg kat sini. erm, teringat lak ngan lagu daripada Sugababes

Sugababes - Change

If I could hold you close
Like you were never gone
If I could hear your voice
You'd tell me to be strong

But sometimes
I just can't
I just don't understand
Why you had to go
Why you had to go
I guess I'll never know

Ain't it funny how you think

You're gonna be OK
Till you remember things ain't never
Gonna be the same again
Ain't it crazy how you think
You've got your whole life planned
Just to find that it was never ever
In your hands

If I could get to you
I'd be there in a minute
My world don't make no sense
Not without you in it

And sometimes
I just cry
Can't say I
Don't know why
But why'd you have to go?
(why'd you have to go?)
And leave me here alone

You don't see it coming
When the future comes knocking
It changed
It can make you and break you too
You just have to make it through
(You just have to make it through)

until to the next post

Monday, December 08, 2008

this life is carca marba

pooohhh~~",there i go. i want to talk much about my silent about 1 year plus plus without post and care a little for my blog, but talk too much is not my style. i just list down on what are the causes of my blog to be 'sleeping beauty'.(i sound stupid when i wrote in english. ini lah carca marba)

  • fotopages n flickr ( i realize tt i'm not a real blogger but fotologger. do visit both and
  • internship (8 month of doing nothing but in the same time gaining something. rm500 leh survive kat kl ape)
  • final year student (final year is enjoy but fyp is scary)
  • problema problema (it's natural to hv problems, just the time to spend in solving it really irritate me)
  • friendster + facebook (my only connection to my beloved friends)
  • upag+fesco (sangat sibukkan diri to do a comeback just to say gudbye to dance in utp)
  • k5 and + photoschool (i really enjoy this one, now i know i am a forumer too)
  • World of Warcraft (i can't resist it until i become the most well rounded player cooking, alchemist, mining, engineer, bwahahahaha)
statement from me: i malu la nk blogging, nnt orang tengok aku merapu je byk.text tunggang langgang, idea haprak, syok sendiri,grammar poyo. hahaha(i dunno want to say but rite now i really need to write something ...again)

yes, maybe after this i'll try my best to keep posting something, teguran dan komen is ur option.

actually this is not the way i improve myself in writing but only to clear up my mind or something i want to share and to tell, whether people want to read it or not.

hurm, and also this blog needs a makeover.
  • do i need to rebrand my blog's name (any idea?)
  • do i need to change my template?(later since some of the image hosting in imageshack,-_-")
  • do i need to update the others person's link, blogspot, website, etc... (yes!! absolutely)

i guess that enuf n might be next time i ready to blog again, sorry bout the carca marba. chao~

p/s : susah gak speaking london ni, letih2. .


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